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Forest Trees

Do you want to
Reconnect? Regenerate? Remember?

Re-connect with the natural world around you.
Re-generate your love for our beautiful planet.
Re-member that you are an intrinsic part of the eco-system.

Join me in exploring and discovering ways to connect deeply to ourselves and our environment. 

The Invitation

I would like to invite those interested to explore techniques that connect us straight to the plant realm. Connecting in and knowing ourselves and then communing directly with the plants and nature itself.

My intention is to teach the techniques I have learnt and developed over a period of 20 years to 'speak' and tune in with the plants and natural world around us. Once we have established a connection and a relationship, we can then be told directly from them what it is we can do to help Regenerate the planet and Remember our place in the larger Ecosystem. We will be doing some connecting with ancestors too to assist our learning as we Re-member our indigenousness to our dearest Mother Earth.

If this is something you are interested by, are based in Norfolk and would be willing to commit to meeting once a month for a few hours of practicing together and refining our skills, please contact me;


I intend to start the group around Yule (21st December) to be in tune with how it feels to be planted as a seed. As we go into the darkest period of the year. So we can discuss when would be best for us to spend 2-3 hours together over the weekend of 17th and 18th December. 

It will be done with the idea of the gift economy. I do not want people to feel they cannot come if finances are a hurdle. In the old paradigm I would charge £20 so that could be a suggested amount however it is not in stone so if you feel drawn to gift more or less all is welcome. Thank you.

Pink Blossom

The Explorations in a Nutshell

A loose outline of the workshops

Branch of Flowers


Working with mindfulness to know ourselves and develop our self-knowledge. This will help us keep the filters clear so when we receive information from outside ourselves our own opinions and views will not be obstacles.

Wild Mushrooms


Developing our understanding of frequency and vibration. How everything is made up of this and how being at differing levels will allow us to connect to different beings and energies.

Green Forest


Deep listening and fully receiving the world around us in a state of gratitude and surrender will help us to move our minds and egoic states into servitude rather than them taking a leadership role.

Plus many other techniques.

"I am not an individual, I am an Ecosystem"

Reginald Haslett-Marroquin

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